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Nusantara Trans Cargo is the one of Logistics Provider which delivering to You the best mover for your critical time Personal Effect.

materials in the Personal Effects ( PE ) trade, there was a need to provide in Middle East with a reliable link to send supplies or and various personal items back home to their families.

In 2005, Nusantara Trans Cargo open the services doors in Middle East and was success.

Today Nusantara Trans Cargo has locations conveniently established in Jeddah, Kuwait and Dubai serving the various ethnic communities in Middle East Area. What began as simple personal effects shipping enterprise has grown over the years into a dynamic, multinational and multi-service operation, Nusantara Trans Cargo is recognized as a dominant player in the personal effects segment with market leadership to the Indonesian destinations it serves.

Herewith our service listed here:

* Competitive and all inclusive pricing of per Box and loose cargo
* Convenient receiving locations for per Boxs and personal effect cargo
* Drop off an Pick up service available
* Uncomplicated and easy documentation process
* Arrange waiver of taxes for export goods delivered to Nusantara Trans Cargo Bonded Warehouses
* customs Export and Import documentation
* Destination quick release of cargo
* Destination delivery coordination
* Tracing and Tracking shipment is online system in which realtime in our Web application
Door to Door (Door at origin and Door at destination):

Nusantara Trans Cargo comprehensive Pick Up and Delivery service is a convenient and personalized approach literally moving the cargo "Door to Door". We deliver the Personal Effect Materials to the customer’s home, pick up when they are ready, ship by air or ocean, handle customs clearance, pay duties and deliver to door at destination in Indonesian.

Another bennefit that customer or client can be offering a range of service options to meet their specific needs and budget from the convenience of door-to-door to a "‘walk in" shipment at a local Nusantara Trans Cargo offices.

Finnally as the Logistics Provider Our Warehouse Management System are ready to pick and pack along with inventory system and distribution to details area, as you may realize that area in Indonesian are very unique, means that all process handled with personal treat.